Giving Madden 16 As Items

Breakdown of all the new Connected Franchise Functions announced for Madden 16!

Started faster

Engaging in cfm has been produced faster. This is great as the current interface is really a little bit sluggish when loading into CFM. The cloud choice should be the only option current online leagues.

Dynamic Drive Goals:

Really not sure about this one.

could be great depending on what the per drive targets on, would hate for madden to influence people's play calling too much where they're forcing the pass or run just to achieve a goal. Pushes more of a focus on individual stats and stat padding. If you are up huge does it still make you pass or gives you incentives to leave starters in?

How will it work for the defense? If you have a defensive low scoring game does that mean both groups lose exp and self-confidence?? Of all the additions I believe this is the one that we really have to know more concerning the most.


It is a great feature ensure it is easier for coaches to see their players goals. I utilized to go in and jot down my goals I was near towards the end of the season therefore i could try to meet up with them by years end. Because you know in the event that you didn't strike those objectives it had been the tubers for Connected Franchise the older players.

Interested to observe how this blends along with the broadcasting.


It is a great feature which will really raise the depth of CFM. Objectives seem to be even more individualize for each player. Reaching targets that may basically unlock other objectives. Currently many objectives are unrealistic. It is very difficult for a WR to catch 100 passes in a CFM period or for a linebacker to obtain 100 tackles unless you are playing on 15min quarters, which most leagues don't play near.

Negative stats also now affect confidence and so are tied to regression. This one worries me once we all know confidence was a misstep by EA in Madden 15.


They have streamlined the interface so it's easier to locate what you should. It was challenging at times to get the right display screen in CFM, it is a great improvement.


Looks too much like MUT, not sure I'm a fan of the but I will keep judgment until I could get my hands on it. This looks like something that might grow on me over time.


This looks awesome because the current player cards were pretty useless, can't say I ever used them much. You can observe goals, stats, contracts, industry block, and in addition release/edit the ball player all in one screen. Great streamlining by EA right here.


New scouting sounds good however the balance will be in cost of points per unlock.

Love the thought of the combine but I feel players will just follow the quickest or strongest guys every year instead of looking as many of another stats.


Great addition which means you don't have to back out of the CFM to start to see the info from the player you selected.


Good streamlining feature as the previous Team player screen had not been very useful.


It is a HUGE feature Madden commissioners have already been asking for! No more replays for disconnected video games. Hopeful commissioners can established the precise score as well. Great job by EA putting this in based on community feedback.


Another excellent feature added that the city was asking for. Now you can play with you group as much as you want. You still can't play with your team Beyond your CFM but it is a excellent additional, no issues from me.


Huge fix here as problems with confidence was one of the best gripes for Madden 15.

Would like for confidence to reset by the end of each season or rest once a fresh coach joins a group.


Great fix here but most of the CFM's We play inside are coach only due to issues with people messing up the teams when using owner mode.

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