The 30 years long Nick Festari music career told in 6 minutes!

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Nick Festari Beyond Dance Music

This is me... Slower and Faster

After 30 years performing eurobeat and dance music and even more than 700 songs composed, Nick Festari has currently produced a name for himself both in the Euro Dance scene but even more importantly in Japan, where bands and singers performed songs that he had written, Nick Festari dives into fresh genres; take, rock, substitute, punk, digital…

Now, writing,


“You Wanna Make Me Take flight (I Understand You Belong To A Fantasy)" starts of the EP with a bang. This song is solid on the dance feel and mixes in tasty melodies with a rock and roll drum beat and also a keyboard breakdown. Extremely tasty!!

This song is simply a hit, enough said.

Keyboard intros rock, especially the 1 in "Don't Toss The Dice." Wanna know the greatest component about this tune? Not only do the chord progressions sound amazing and give me feeling of air travel but the track kicks into a rock and roll anthem that is completely genius! The build up in this melody is worthy pop of the wait. Examine it out and provide it a mindful listen and you'll hear what I'm speaking about.joejoekeys

There Will Be Zero Prize is the first song which Nick crafted specifically for the EP. Inspired by The Lego Film, this Electro-pop track, full with catchy chorus, is certainly about an online game where players try to build a new galaxy with Lego bricks as they grapple with the origins of the universe and its supreme award: total satisfaction.

Don’t Slam The Radio is a retro-style Crop up ballad that Nick first released in 2013. Having received positive evaluations, he’s given the song an orchestral makeover for his fresh EP.

Over and above getting a great performer, Nick proves himself to end up being a superbly scrupulous music arranger on these music. Beautiful, uplifting chord progressions, luscious harmonies and ear-catching melodies are ever present here.

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