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Being photography enthusiasts, we all know for a fact that clicking an amazingly beautiful picture is not an easy feat by any means. The workshop will feature training that covers pretty much the whole spectrum of wedding and portrait photography, from camera basics to lighting, to Photoshop, etc. The intensive DSLR photography workshop for beginners explains the science and art of photography from the ground up with almost constant hands-on activities. Photographers looking to hone their skills without years of educational expenses can take advantage of photography workshops where they can pick up new skills and various photo tips such as landscape photography tips. People, who know the photography basics and are creative by nature, can learn digital photography techniques in no time.

I offer field workshops and instructional technical seminars in Antelope Canyon and Navajoland and the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, the Eastern Sierra Nevada in California including Mono Lake, the Bristlecone Pine forest,and Arches and Canyonlands National Parks in Utah. Camera Equipment: Technology has come a long way over the years and this era of digital photography has opened up a world of opportunities. Old people are somewhat popular in street photography; we are drawn to how different they are from people of our own age, from how they dress and how they act.

Wood must be kept inside to remain dry with even temperature and humidity so provide an area specifically for wood. Since not everyone does not have enough time and will to learn everything on their own, they often resort to attending photography classes to gain or improve their knowledge in the craft. Street photography is more than the mechanical process of snapping pictures of street scenes with a camera. Also, our instructors, unlike other workshops of this nature, are well versed in Canon, Nikon and 4/3rds cameras.

Or, you can take your kids to the Howell Area Historical Society Museum () to check out the railroad, depot and the caboose. Wouldn't be a photography workshop without photographs You will learn about Landscape, Portrait, Action, Event and night photography, with and without a tripod. The core philosophy is that the outdoors is a great classroom and photography is best learnt by exploring it with a camera.

We've been planning this workshop for a long time but originally were only thinking of using it to give our own assistants some good focused training and critique. This is a unique opportunity to get feedback on your work, and to develop your ideas about your own photographic projects with one of the UK's leading photography practitioners and an expert in historical processes. This workshop has helped me lift my confidence and see the world in a different way.

I've always found the ads for schools like the Rocky Mountain School of Photography or the New York Institute of Photography inviting but have never found the time (or the money) to take advantage of them. Choose this workshop if Ice Caves you'd like more extended opportunities for hands-on practice, feedback, and a firmer, more rounded grasp and understanding of your camera.

You may also ask people who have enrolled in photography classes before and ask about their experience so you'll have an idea what goes on. We are happy to inform you that Padmashree, Anjolie Ela Menon, India's leading contemporary artist, Sh. S. Paul, internationally most awarded Indian photographer, and photography veteran Sh. P. Sharma have honored us by getting on board of shOObh Arts. As the first workshop concluded, I have sought and received feedback from the participants.

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