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I am a super part time music maker and dont need a ton of features and fluff.. I have used my volcas in cars and on airplanes more than at home the last few years so the portability is awesome.. I was kind of sold when i saw a video of a guy using the provided abelton light and the circuit to control the software.. a concern was i would miss sampling and its not really a big deal now.. i have the maschine app on my phone and ipad and look forward to seeing how easy i can connect to those too for sample based stuff also. The ability to output audio loops or whole sessions to the computer as sound might be a cool addition, although arguably could go against the spirit of Circuit as a hands-on, standalone device. You don't even need speakers, because Circuit has one built in. Of course, you can plug it into your sound system and work with your computer as well as other synth gear too, via its Line outputs, USB, and MIDI ports.

Novation like a bug or two themselves so once the dust settles i think functionality and work flow will separate buyers not price in the end since i don't think the difference is great enough to entice buyers toward the circuit on that principle alone. When I want to dig in, I have the software editor and my iPad editor , but not having them readily available is a good thing in my opinion. There are 2 final rows of buttons on Circuit just below DJ equipment the rotary encoders and above the grid pads.

Die gesplitteten Grids von Circuit zeigen dir gleichzeitig Steps und Noten an, sodass du aufnehmen oder abspielen kannst und dabei jederzeit siehst, was gerade passiert. I like Novation (I've got the Drumstation, Super Bass Station Rack, Launch pad Mini, key mini and control) so I genuinely hope this develops. Combining a 2-part synthesizer and a 4-part drum machine the Novation Circuit can be used to create interesting and dynamic songs straight out the box. Circuit looks fun but I personally don't like the blippy sound of the samples and synths.

Note that the majority of synth parameters including the 20 modulation patches can be assigned to each of the eight macro control knobs on the Circuit and you can have up to four mappings per knob. Circuit posiada na pokładzie dwie sekcje Novation polysynths i czteroczęściowy drum machine, intuicyjny grid sekwencer pozwalają stworzyć muzykę w ciągu kilku minut.

These can be programmed for controlling track volume, panning, automation, and other parts of your music recording/DAW software using the midi protocol. It also works as a generic USB controller so you can map hardware controls using MIDI learn in your own software. The groove box includes Circuit Components, a collection of utilities designed to help you quickly and easily customize your instrument.

New Circuit Components is a suite of tools expanding Circuit giving you all you need to design, create and customise your own unique instrument. I'd found myself somewhat starved of inspiration, having produced ~6 complete tracks on my OP-1 since I got it (3 years ago, also blame my kids!), but my love for writing has suddenly sparked into life since I got my Circuit. Midi keyboards emit sounds from a synthesizer or patch bank, from a sound-generating module within the keyboard. When it comes to creating sound, Circuit provides two synth parts and four drum parts. Also, it's clear that Novation has learned a lot from the Launchpad about workflow.

At present it can send a fair amount of MIDI data like notes and automation out over USB to a computer, though automation isn't sent via the hardware MIDI ports due to bandwidth restrictions. In my opinion (I have all the things I'm about to mention), the Circuit is a lot of fun, but not anywhere near as deep as the OP-1 or say, and Elektron box - I have an Analog Keys and an Octatrack.

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